Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Constitutional parliement not valid - by the Icelandic supreme court.

The constitutional election in Iceland has been made invalid by the Icelandic Supremen court.
Three men protested the election to the supreme court, due to technical reasons.
That the election was not secret, and some other things.
The election was held , and the those that elected where not in a closed booth.
But on tables, and a few feet high walls, like you often see in offices.
But that did not affect the election , but the supreme court made the electon invalid anyway.
Many think that the Supreme court ruling was political.
All the Supreme cout judges where appointed by one man , the Justice Minister.
And when the where appointed , the Independence party was in charge, fo nearly twenty years.
Many of the supreme court judges are connected to the independence party,and/ or members of the Independence party.
Now in Parliement , right wing parties , want to call off the Constitutionla assembly , but the left want to keep it in place,and settle the matter, new election or something else.

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