Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Protest in Iceland ,and nine protesters in court - video

Yesterday,when Iceland parliement came to work after christmas vacation,many came and protested in front of the Parliement building.
People are protesting the lack of help by the goverment to the people that are having a hard time with the Banks illeagal loans and more.
People made noise ,and used oil drums to do so.

And today , nine individuals where taken to court,and accused of attacking the Goverment .
They where protesting in 2008,and made noise in the parliement building, and if convicted,they could get up to life in prison. ( 16 years )  here is link to the web page in support of the Nine Protesters
People are angry at eh parliement for charging them, because in a sense they did nothing illeagal.
and after the banking crash, and the opening of all the boxes,with the corruption and illealgal dealings in the banking system, the only people that might go to jail,are nine protesters ,that did nothing wrong.

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