Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reykjavík 9 on trial in Iceland ---

Today is the second day of the court proceedings against the nine protesters that protested in the parliement building in december 2008.
Part of the evidence , a security video ,has  been erased by the head of security in the Parliement.
If all the security video had been available,it would have shown everything that happened .
Protesters have accused the police of brutality, but since the security video is only short and only about the protest itself, they can not use it as evidence.
The trial has been getting internationa attention.
Foreign press have been reporting about it ,and protest have been at Icelandic embassies in Europe and USA.

Here is a video by the .

Guerilla Projection on Icelandic Embassy in Solidarity with RVK9 01-15-11

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