Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bjork sings at a protest marathon in Reykjavik today - video »

Kareoki marathon has been held for the last three days in Iceland.
It is a marathon,and asking people to sign a petition to the goverment , to put to a referandum, if the Goverment should privatize the power,electricity and hot water.
Bjork ,the singer,is leading this,and has taken part in the kareoki,as you can see on the video.
She is there singing with others an Icelandic Pop song,and in the end she shouts - " 36 thousand "
The prime minister had said a while back,that if 10 to 15 % percent of the voting population would sign some sort of petition, then the goverment could not ignore it.
The Kareoki marathon signing protest, wants the goverment to put to a national vote,about the power grid in ICeland.
One town ,Keflavik,sold its power grid,to Magma Energy , a Canadian company.
And Bjork and others have protested that deal.

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