Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cow in Iceland predicts results in World Cup in Handball in Sweden - videos

Now the World cup in Handball is being held in Sweden.
Iceland is there competing,and is doing very well,has won all their games so far.
In the last Olympics in Bejing,Iceland got the silver medal.
And here in Iceland , at a Cow farm,there is a Cow there that hs predicted the results,succesfully .
The Cow does the similar thing as the Octupus did last Soccer World Cup in Germany.
She is given a choice where to eat ,and one is marked with Icelands flag and the other with the flag of the nation ICeland is competing .
And tomorrow Iceland is going to compete with Norway,and today the cow , selected Norway to win.
You can see on the videos how the Cow has chosen so far.
Will the cow be correct in its predictions tomorrow ?
Do Animals know more than humans ?
The Cows name is -- Glæta -

Iceland vs Brazil 15.jan 2011

Iceland vs Hungary 14.jan 2011

Iceland vs Norway 20.jan 2011

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  1. Jätteroligt som vi säger här i Sverige!
    Superlustig sagen meine Landsleute in Deutschland.