Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cheap alcohol in Iceland ,for some , not for the public.

Now the discussion here in Iceland ,is alchol,and its price.
In Iceland alcohol is only sold in Goverment owned shops.
And it is expensive, lots of taxes and and more , so when you pay for it ,it is expensive.
For instance, Absolut Vodka ,700ml ,costs today 4998 kr ( 43,12 $ and 31,38 Euro )
And Capptain Morga Rum 750 ml costs 5390 kr. ( 46,50 $ 33,85 euro )

But some do not have to pay that price.
Those that do not have to pay that price, get rid of all the taxes and duties, are :
The Presidents office.
Goverment ministries.
The Icelandic Bishop .
And the Chief of ATVR, the state alcohol shop.

So you see,it is expensive to be an alcoholic in Iceland, unless you have high office in the goverment .

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