Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is Iceland turning into a Police state ? photos and video

9 protesters where in court yesterday.
They are charged with going into the Parliement building,and make noise there.
Therefore troubling the parliement at work.
More than 9 where protesting at the parliement building last year,but they decided just to charge 9 of the protesters.
And yesterday in court lot of supporters came to witness the procedings.
Suddenly the Police came ,and ordered two of the court guests,who where standing,becuase all seats had been taken ,out of the court room.
They objected,and then the police arrested the two,and after they where taken away to Police HQ, police stayed in the court room.
The defender objected,and wanted the Police force out of the court room.
But they did not go.
So many think that the court was under Police rule yesterday.
Looks like Iceland is turning into a Police State.
Here is a link to a video taken yesterday at the Court   video

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Still corruption is going strong in Iceland.
Members of parliement accepting money into there accounts,and saying it is support money to the elections process.

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  1. (below from),28804,1984685_1985389_1985284-7,00.html

    Björgólfur Gudmundsson
    Former owner and chairman of the Icelandic bank Landsbanki
    Iceland's second billionaire ever — the first was his son, Thor Björgólfsson (in Iceland, your last name is just your dad's first name plus either -sson or -dottir) — he went from being worth $1.1 billion to $0. And he's being investigated. And he destroyed his country's economy. And Gordon Brown used antiterrorist laws to freeze Landsbanki's U.K. holdings. And he named his bank Landsbanki. The British hate him more than they hate his country's volcanoes.

    Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson
    Icelandic businessman
    When you're a good-looking dude who sells clothing, you have to really screw up to have people protest in the streets against you. And for your ex-mistress to talk about your sex life during an accounting trial. Anyway, no one is lending him money now. Not even in kronur.

    Hreidar Már Sigurdsson
    Former head of the failed Icelandic band Kaupthing
    I kind of went down a Wikipedia hole with the Icelandic financial crisis.

    Read more:,28804,1984685_1985389_1985284-7,00.html#ixzz0mgeYw3Uy