Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Local election soon in Iceland , and a Comedy party could win Reykjavik !

This month there will be local and county elections in Iceland .
And in Reykjavik, where nearly half of the population of Iceland lives,there is now a new party .
This party is called " The Best Party ".
Its leader is mr. Jon Gnarr, a comedian,stand up comic,actor,tv star.
And on the Best party list are also ,other actors,musicians ,and people from the entertainment side of things.
Yesterday ,the Independence party , who is now controlling Reykjavik,and wants to controll it more, had a opinion poll made to see what the public would vote for .
The Best party surprised everybody ,and got the most votes.
They have made a music video , to get support for the election .
Photo: Jon Gnarr - Leader of  The Best Party

The Best Party , is going to elections,with the agenda of getting work for their friends, getting a polar bear to the Reykjavik zoo, also making a toll booth between Reykjavik and Seltjarnarnes, a town connected to Reykjavik and so on.
They are making fun of the old partie  system ,and gettings support for it.
Those in the other four old parties, are getting scared,and according to the poll ,some parties will not get one elected to the city council.
The Best party is saying what it will do , and the other parties , says something else, but when they get in power, they will do what the Best party is saying now.
Accorfing to the poll , the Best Party will get 6 elected , in a 15 member city council.
Photo: Einar Örn Benediktsson - Manager

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