Sunday, May 2, 2010

Corruption in the Pensiun funds and unions in Iceland ? video and photos

About ten thousand people attended the may first parade in Reykjavik yesterday.
The big union leaders did not attend,only minor union leaders and vice chairmans of the unions.
Now there is a discussion about the Unions Pensiun funds, and how they are run.
One of the big Pensiun fund ,Gildi, put 3.5 billion kronas into the Glitnir Bank,few days before the banking crash.
This money is lost from the pensiun fund,and now they are cutting pension to the ealderly and disabled.
Union members have no control who is controlling the pension funds, and the CEO´s of the Pensiun funds,can invest in any way the see fit.
No investigation is going on the Pensiun and union funds.
Even though they have lost lots of money ,and written of big loans.
Many of those that control the pensiun funds,are also working for big companys.
And at Pensiun funds meeting ,the member of the union can attend, but he has no voting rights.

Here is a video i took yesterday ,and you can hear people booing at the speachmakers

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