Thursday, May 6, 2010

New party in Reykjavik elections , other parties getting afraid.

On may the 29th 2010 ,there will be city and county elections in Iceland.
And now there is a new party ,called , The Best Party.
In it are people in the entertainmnet buisness.
Mr. Jon Gnarr is its leader,a stand up comic and actor.
The poilicy of the party ,is a joke in many ways.
The party chairman ,Jon Gnarr ,needs a more sequre job that pays well.
He wants to have a Polar Bear in the city zoo,and he wants to make Reykjavik a more fun city.
Now other politicians in the traditional parties are getting scared.
In polls , the Best Party is getting more then 20 % of the vote.
The other parties ,all have accepting dubious money to the election support.
Many use the word " accepting bribes " when talking about the money they receive.

Now politicians and member of the press are writing about the Best party ,and thinking this joke has gone far enough.
They are afraid of the votes that the Best party could get.
There are 15 in Reykjavik city council ,and according to the polls ,the Best Party could get 4 seats.
And with four othere parties ,that is a lot of seats.

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