Saturday, April 9, 2011

National referendum in Iceland todayy ,on should iceland pay up Icesave .

Today is the national referendum ,where the public will vote on the Icesave savings account.
Landsbanki,the Icelandic bank,had a saving account in Europe - that offered 16% interests.
But when the banks crashed in the autumn of 2008, they could not pay up the billions that where in that account in the UK and Holland.
And now there is a national referendum on ,should Iceland pay up its depts ,or not.

Will the public say " yes " to icesave or " no".
Will the Icelandic people want to pay up their debts or not.
Every tv station and radio station are talking about this, and most from both sides.
The " NO" people buy advertisments in all the newspapers ,and tell people to vote " NO"
Not knowing how that will affect Iceland , they just ask people to vote " NO " .
If Iceland votes " NO " , then unemployment and inflation could increase .

Here you can see some of my videos from the protests that have been held in Iceland in 2009

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  1. We applaud Iceland citizens referendum NO vote to the UK & Netherland banks compensation scheme.
    Why should they have to pay up for the misdeeds of the Icelandic corrupted politicians and fraudulent bankers ?
    Did they were participating to their previous profits ?
    Banks, Funds & Private Investors who put their cash into EU bankrupt banks & junk Government Bonds, knew they were taking a high risk, as they were receiving interest rates well above the average market rate.
    Why should the general public of EU, entirely unconnected to the banking & financial sectors, be expected to compensate Investment Banks, Funds & Private Investors losses or stump up the money that EU politicians spent trying to buy votes?
    This is the reason we suggest to all Greek Citizens to follow Iceland’s example, asking for a similar referendum in Greece.
    We’re sure that Greek NO vote should be higher than 90%.
    Follow us at
    Dr. Kiriakos Tobras