Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is the Iceland president abusing his powers in Iceland ?

Is the Icelandic president undermining the democracy in Iceland?
Two former Ministers in Denmark,Mr. Uffe Elleman-Jensen and Mogens Lykketoft,where on a news show in Denmarks TV 2.
The talked about how surprice they got ,after the Icelandic President,Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grímsson,had denied to sign on to law the Icesave agreement,and therefore sending it to a national referendum.
Even though the majority of the Icelandic parliement had agreed to Icesave agreement.
Mr. Lykketoft also said that he thought that the Icelands President was abusing his powers as president.

You can see the show here - and it is in Danish

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  1. It is ridiculous that someone can think of that as an abuse of power. For once, the choice was given to the people and not to a handful of men with different interests!
    Democracy means the "rule of the people".
    The referendum was not voted once, but twice making sure that it was the overall opinion of the Icelandic citizens.

    I only wish that was done by other political parties in different countries.
    Why do bankers individualise benefits and socialise loss! Why do bank directors have great salaries? Because they are suposed to have great resposibility, but if they don't assume these...
    Things have to change.

    Carlos Cura