Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Iceland waiting for referendum next saturday - on icesave for UK and Holland

Now everybody is talking about Icesave ,and the national referendum next saturday.
Will the public say " yes " to icesave or " no".
Will the Icelandic people want to pay up their debts or not.
Every tv station and radio station are talking about this, and most from both sides.
The " NO" people buy advertisments in all the newspapers ,and tell people to vote " NO"
Not knowing how that will affect Iceland , they just ask people to vote " NO " .
If Iceland votes " NO " , then unemployment and inflation will increase .

But if Iceland votes " YES " - then things will get better,and Iceland will be accepted again in the international community.

Saturday is the day - but until then , i hope you like my video of the little volcano last year here in Iceland.
I flew over the first volcano , wich was tourist friendly.
But a few weeks later the big volcano erupted , that stopped the aviation industry for a few weeks.

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