Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mayor of Reykjavik,Iceland,says NO to the German Navy - photos

Today,the German Navy is on a visit to Iceland.
Three Navy ships came to Reykjavik this morning.
These visits are looked upon as honourary and friendly visits.
The Iceland coast guard have access to the German Navy helicopter,while the Icelands coast guard helicopter is in for its regular inspection.
Mr. Jon Gnarr,the mayor of Reykjavik,says,that he is against militarys in all its forms.and wants Reykajvik to be a city of peace.
But for the first time in German Navys history, the mayor of the city they are visiting,refuses to welcome them ,and and meet the Commander of these Navy Ships.
Every time that the German NAvy visits citys, the mayor of that city welcomed them.
But here in Reykjavik , mr. Jon Gnarr,Reykjaviks Mayor,says, no.
Mr. Jon Gnarr was voted last year, for the political party ,wich name is - The Best Party.
Also ,according to Iceland media, the Mayor also refused them to park their ships in the old harbour, in the city of Reykjavik.
So they parked their ships at another harbour,still in Reykjavik,but not in the harbour that is in downtown Reykjavik.


  1. The "crisis" is finally coming to the end in Iceland, sadly it seems it is only beginning in the US