Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beutiful Iceland video by mr. Frank Nagel - a different view of Iceland

It is great to see how foreign people see Iceland.
I , being an Icelander, may see my country with different eyes that foreign people.
My videos and photos are mostly of what is happening here , protest ,cruise liners at Reykjavik harbour and so on.
Here is a video i saw,made by a freelance video and cameraman from Germany.
His name is Mr. Frank Nagel,and he loves Iceland ( of course) and he made a film about his trip around the country.
Mr. Frank Nagel travelelled around Iceland with a public bus,and used the cheap way how to see Iceland.
He also has web pages , and i recomend that you visit his web sites.

ps. Góða Ferð - means - Bon voyage 

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  1. what a nice video..thanks for the effort well done!