Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Public protests the goverment and central bank in Iceland today

Today there where protests again in Reykjavik.
First at 9:30 this morning in front of the govermnet house,and protesters maide noise when the ministers came to the Goverment meeting ,and let them know that they do not have much support these days.
The Goverment has not kept the campaing promise,to thelp the public,and stand by the people.
Icelandic Goverment is helping the financial instituions,and pouring money to them,while the public is going bankrupt.

Then the protesters went to the central bank and protested there again .
The Central Bank , is not taking the Supreme Court ruling on illeagal loans by the banks ,and has challenged the Supreme court ruling.
Here is a video from the protest yesterday at the central Bank - and this is not my video .