Sunday, July 4, 2010

Protests in Reykjavik planned next monday - video

The Goverment is now trying hard to help the banks,due to the Supreme court ruling about the illeagal loans to the public.
Supreme court ruled that loans based on foreign currency is illeagal.
Now groups of angry loantakers are planning a protest in front of the Icelands Central Bank at noon on monday,and another protest in the afternnon in fron of the Icelands Parliement building.
The promises of all political parties to help the public , was just a lie.
They are all now helping their friends in the banks.
Most of have accepted money from the banks ,some more the the other.
It looks like that courruption is leagal here in ICeland .
For many it looks like that the members of parliement have accepted bribes.
Respect for members of parliement is at an all time low these days.
Here below you can see videos from the protests last year.

I have put on Facebook,lots of videos from the protests here in ICeland - the videos are HERE