Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Protester arrested by Police in Reykjavik ,Iceland today , video

Today at noon, a protest was held in front of the IMF( international moneytery fund ) office in Reykajvik.
People are protesting the IMF, and what they are doing here in Iceland.
Around 100 people attended the protest meeting ,and the IMF office ,is located behind the Govermnet building.
One protester dumped red paint on the IMF house , and on the video below you can see the Police follow the protester ,and arrest him in front of the Goverment  building.
People feel that the IMF is now controlling the goverment , and telling them what to do, like raise taxes,and raise VAT.
That would mean that people would have less money,and all things in the shops,food ,and everything else would be priced higher.