Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bjork offered a share in Iceland power company by Magma Energy

Ross Beaty,CEO of Magma Energy, that bought the HS ORka powerplant in ICeland,has offered Bjork,a 25 % share in HS Orka.
Mr Beaty says that he offers Bjork the share at the same price as Magma Energy got it from HS ORka.
Bjork has seen his offer and answered

" dear ross
noticed your message for me
you offering me shares in hs orka shows that you totally miss my point
i feel this company should not be privatized , it should be given back to the people .
therefore i am not interested in shares .
but if i would get the same deal as you , a 70% bulletloan from icelanders to buy usage of their own resources , i might reconsider , who wouldn´t ?
you didn’t really put your money where your mouth is , did you ?
good bye


P.s. I also saw in financial times when you asked me , personally  , to pop over to your office and you would  lower how long magma´s usage of our resources is going to be . This  only reveals how willing you are to cut deals outside law and order "

Grapevine has more info

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