Thursday, June 14, 2012

Politics in Iceland still doing well ---- raising salary --- interesting .

Politics in Iceland are still strange and politicians are doing well.
In Kopavogur ,a town just south of Reykjavik ( well ,nearly a part of Reykjavik) has had money problems.
And the new mayor ,mr.Ármann Kr. Ólafsson,   and his city council ,have been saving money , uniting  schools,cutting down on money expence,,and so on.
Now the Mayor ,Mr. Ármann Kr. Ólafsson, raised his salary .
He raised his salary  up 23 percent .
While people have been saving money ,working more.
But of course ,according to the Mayor,this is not a rase in salary -- this is a correction on his salary .
Ármann Kr. Ólafsson is member of the Independence party in Iceland .


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