Saturday, June 23, 2012

Are members of the Icelandic parliament breaking laws ? interesting bill passed in Iceland

The Icelandic parliament is an interesting place .
There members of parliament argue about everything, the fishing quota system,joining the EU and so on .
But when it comes to getting more in your pockets ,then the are all good friends .
Just before parliament took its summer vacation , on bill was passed,silently and everybody who was in parliament - agreed on it .

And in this bill , they agreed on letting the tax payers pay for their , eyeglasses,hearing aids,cancer search,physical excersise , and more .
Eyeglasses and hearing aids in ICeland are not cheap - they are quite expensive.

So you can see , that the members of the Icelandic parliament know how to get more - and how to pay for it .
Of course you let the tax payer pay for it .
There is no respect for members of the Icelandic parliament 

So ,you see, the protests in Iceland a few years ago --- did not do anything - the only thing that they did , is changed who was controlling --- but the corruption is the same .


  1. Same old story! I think the Greek people and the Icelandic people have a lot more in common than what we think. Corrupt politicians is one thing!

    Greet's from a Greek (now in the North) :)

  2. our lot even have subsidised bars and meals - on the money they earn! So much self interest - they pass laws for the rest of us that don't include them - oh and free travel and money towards second homes ( and they even cheat on this to get more) where do we get these useless people from :-(

  3. This is really sad. Thought that are few countries who have a corrupt employees but Iceland is part of it. So sad.