Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fishing quota protet in Iceland today ---- for and against - video and photos

Today - fishing quota owners in Iceland , protested in front of the parliament .
They where  protesting a bill in parliament ,that would make them pay little for the rights to fish in Icelandic waters.

In 1991, all Icelandic fishing fleets were given a quota, with each ship allocated its annual share. The quota rights can be sold, leased out, or used in the same way as other possessions.
And since they have sold the quota , leased it , got loans on it and so on .
They have never payed for the rights to fish , but they have bought , and for the profits they invested in banks,newspaper,car dealerships,and so on .
This all happened before the crash in 2008 .
But the goverment wants to say that the fish in Icelandic waters is the people property,not for a few fishing quota kings .

People that are against the Fishing quota owners policy , protested also in front of parliamenet building ,and protesting at the same time,and demanding that the goverment does what it has promised.

Protesters that are for the people ownership of the fishing stocks, bood when the quota onwers where holding the speaces .

Many fishing boats came into Reykajvik today - to take part in the protest - and you can see one of the boats leave Reykjavik,after the protest - and he sounded its horn when it left Reykjavik harbour

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