Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Protest in Greece ,and little news from Iceland


Now there are protests in Greece against the goverment becuase of the financila crisis there.
It is a similar financial crash like in Iceland since 2008.
Protesters there are probably using the same argument as in Iceland .
The corruption on the banking and political level has made the country go broke, and the public ,that took no part in the corruption,has to pay for those that where in the political and banking system.
Hope that nobody gets injured in the protests in Greece.
Hope that the protest will be peaceful.
Protesters and the Police must remember that they are part of Greece,and they are all having the same problem .
Here is a video i took at a peacful protest in Reykjavik
You can see more videos of the protests in Iceland on my youtube.

In Reykjavik now is a US Coast Guard Sailing Boat visiting Iceland.
It is a big Sailing vessel and its name is USCGC Eagle.
THe ship was formerly named SSS Horst Vessel and was owned by Germany before and during World War 2.
But after the war it given to the USA as war reperation.

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