Friday, June 24, 2011

Longest day in Iceland and dc-3 starting and flying over Reykjavik

Now is the longest day season in Iceland.
Sun sets down at around midnight ,and comes up early in the night ( around 3 in the night.
And the weather is great and good to be able to walk areound at night in daylight.
Here is a video i took at around 23:00 hours of a boat leaving Reykjavik and sailing into the sunset.
Now is also the summer vacation season,and in Iceland people get 4 to 5 weeks summer vacation .
The other video i took at the national independence in Iceland on the 17th of june.
And you can see a DC-3 starting up and flying over Reykjavik.

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  1. Halldor,
    Great video of the Crown Princess leaving port, but I like the videos you take when you're driving around Iceland. It really gives us a chance to see what Iceland is really like.
    Bob in Manassas, Virginia USA