Saturday, July 2, 2011

US Coast Guard sailboat The Eagle in Reykjavik ,iceland -video

This week , the Eagle ,US Coast Guard Sailboat,visited Reykajvik Iceland .
They stayed for three days,and invited Icelanders to visit and board the big vessel to see it up close.
I took this video yesterday evening at 21:00 hours.
The weather was calm and warm

The USCGC Eagle (WIX-327) (ex-SSS Horst Wessel) is a 295-foot (90 m) barque used as a training cutter for future officers of the United States Coast Guard. She is one of only two active commissioned sailing vessels in American military service, the other being the USS Constitution.

She is the seventh U.S. Navy or Coast Guard ship to bear the name in a line dating back to 1792

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