Saturday, August 14, 2010

Protester arrested in Iceland - video

A lady was protesting in front of the Goverment building in Reykjavik,on tuesday.
She was alone,and was feeding the seagulls with bread.
The lady was protesting how the goverment is dealing with the elderly and the disabled.
The elderly and disabled are getting less pension,and are having a bad time here in ICeland.
But the lady ,who was protesting ,leagally in front of the goverment building was arrested.
A police officer,guarding the building came out and told the police to arrest her.
According  to the media in Iceland, the Prime Ministers assistance man,called the police ,and told them to take the protester away .
You can see on the video ,how it all came about.
But the lady was protesting ,and it is leagal to protest in Iceland.

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  1. Án efa sannleikur, allur sannleikurinn og öll atburðarásin.