Friday, August 6, 2010

Gay Pride in Iceland tomorrow - video

Tomorrow ( agust 7th 2010 ) there will be the annual Gay Pride festival.
It is the second most popular festival in Iceland.
The number one ,is cultural day and night, wich is later in august.
LAst night at a Drag Queen and King competition in Reykjavik, the Mayor of Reykjavik, mr. Jon Gnarr ,attended in drag ,and celebrated the Gay Pride festival.
Here is a link to the BBC ,about the mayor in Drag.
Last year ,around 90.000 thousand people attended the Gay Pride festival in Reykjavik.
That is pretty musch,considering that there are only about 300.000 thousand people that live in Iceland.
The festival is for everybody to attend,and have fun.
Lost of music ,and they parade has lots of colors.
Here is a video from the Gay Pride festival .

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