Thursday, September 1, 2011

Police use force to move away people ,so they can move a woman out of her house,iceland video

Yesterday the Sheriff of Reykjavik was following a court order asked for by Arion bank,to evict a woman out of her house.
She had not payed her debts due to the banking crisis ,according to the media in ICeland.
a group of people tried to stop the sherrif from evictin her out of her house.
This group call themselves - The Home Defence Team.
They help people that are being auctioned or about to be thrown out of their houses.
After the police threw the Home defence team away and got into the house, the agreed to let the woman stay for a few weeks, while her debts are investigated by a goverment agency .
You can see on the video when the police arrive and move the Home Defence Team away .

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