Monday, September 19, 2011

Parliement in Iceland starts october 1st. and protests planned

Respect for the members of Parliement in Iceland is at an all time low these days.
Some members of parliement are being invevestigated by the Special Prosecutor for their part in what happened after the banking crunch in 2008.
Others got their debts written off , and did not have to pay any of their debts.
And at the same time, the public ,with their bad loans, are forced to pay .
Parliement winter season will start on October 1st.
Protest are being planned and many will attend in front of the parliement building.
Music will be played and it will start at around 10;30 in the morning.

Last year the members of parliement had to go through the back door,because people where throwing eggs,and things at them.

Police are thinking about to have a Police Union meeting on the same day.
Police does not have permission to strike , when they are trying to negociate for better pay.

So the Police Union leader says that parliement will get protection , but many will be at the meeting.
Is this their ( police ) way of protesting ?
To give parliement minimum protection during a planned protest on october 1st ?

Last year when parliement came for the winter season,there was big protest .
Icelanders do protest ,and most of the protesters want and do protest peacefully.

On the evening of the 3rd of October, then there will another protest , when the prime minister holds her speach in Parliement.
This was also last year as you can see on the video here below.

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