Thursday, November 11, 2010

Norway has forgiven Iceland - and want them to return home

1136 years ago , a few left Norway and went to Iceland.
They where the first ones to come to Iceland ,and live there.
They left Norway because they had some trouble in Norway with the local goverment and the King of Norway.
Ingolfur Arnarsson,was the first Icelander,and according to history , they left Norway becuase the didint like to pay taxes and follow the local law.
Not much has changed in that in Iceland since the year 874.
But now the Norwegians have forgive Icelanders.
Two Norwegians have sent a letter to Iceland ,mr. Roy Sævik and mr. Haavar Yndestad, and in the letter they say " it is 1136 years since you left us, and now it is time you come home "
" and here are you relatives and here you can get work and living space"

The Norwegians live in Stongfjorden and need more people to live there ,and they are afraid that the local childrens school will close if no more children will arrive.