Friday, October 1, 2010

Public sleeps in front of Parliement building in Iceland

Many are now sleeping in front of the Icelandic Parliement building in downtown Reykjavik.
And tomorrow ,parliement meets for its winter season.
Protest is planned when parliemtn members walk from the church to the parliement building.
People are angry,many are loosing their houses and going bankcrupt.
All because of bad and illeagal loans.
The goverment primised to help the public,but the goverment helps only the CEO,s and the big companys.
But the public must pay for it all.
You can see on the photos i took tonight ,after midnight here in Iceland.
By sleeping in front of the parliement building , they are showing what happens when people loose their houses.
Click on the photos ,and the will be larger.

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