Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minister given money ,but the public thrown out into the street - video

Few weeks ago ,Icelands Banks wrote of 2.6 billion kronas that a comapny owed the banks.
At the same that ,that company payed 600 millions in proits to its stockholders.
That company is owned by the family of former Prime minister, mr. Halldór Ásgrímsson.
You can read more about him here
At the same time, Icelands Banks are banckrupting people and throwing people out of their houses ,due to illeagal and bad Banks loans.
The Banks made illeagal loans to the public,and the Icelandic Supreme Court has ruled them illeagal.
Today mr. Arnar Már Þórisson, went to Landsbank headquarters and made speach , arguing that people deserved a meeting with the CEO´s of the bank to discuss and find a good way for people to pay there debts,so they dont have to be thrown out of their houses.
With him where part of the Civil Defence team,that are helping people in trouble.
Mr. Arnar is to be thrown out of his house next week.
You can see on the video that the staff of the bank did not like the man who was videotaping the event.
But why are Former ministers and CEO´s given their loans and they dont have to pay, but the Public will be thrown out on the street.

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