Sunday, October 19, 2008

Protest yesterday in Reykjavik - Iceland

Today around four to five thousand people protested in front of the ICelandic parliemnet building.
They where protesting the President of the icelandic central bank ,mr: David Oddson ,former prime minister of Iceland.
And demanding their resignation .
You can hear in the video - whe
re they are shouting " David out - David out "
They are also protesting that the posi
tion of central bank manager - is a political position.
THat the bank managers are not educated in financial matters.
And all their decicions are political .

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  1. Hi Dori, after all this turmoil and the cash injections, the stock exchanges started to rise again, as if nothing has happened. After all these things many of these crooks should be thrown out of the banks, if not out of the country. Shouldn 't there be any legal act about that? Nobody is guilty? There should be somebody going to jail...