Thursday, October 23, 2008

Iceland terrorists ?

A web page has bean open in Iceland - to protest the actions of the British Prime Minister. Icelanders are signing up - and sending poscards to the British Prime minister. and some of them are the ones I put here Here is a part of the protest text and the web page is here - in engilsh.

On Wednesday October 8th, the British Government invoked Anti-terrorist
legislation, which was in effect aimed at the people of Iceland. This devastating attack on our society was received with disbelief here in Iceland. The people of Iceland have always considered themselves great friends of the United Kingdom. Our nations have a long history of mutually beneficial trade and have been close allies in NATO and Europe.

Hour by hour and day by day the actions of the British government are
indiscriminately obliterating Icelandic interests all over the world and, in so doing, diminishing the assets that could be used to reimburse depositors with Icelandic banks in the United Kingdom and Iceland.

The government's actions are also endangering the future of nearly all Icelandic companies and of the entire nation, in addition to over 100,000 employees of British companies with Icelandic connections. In this regard we would like to stress that the Icelandic authorities have always maintained their intention to honour their obligations in this matter, contrary to claims made by Chancellor Alistair Darling and Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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