Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heatwave in Reykjavik , Iceland june 30th Photos

Today i went to the beach in Reykjavik , and as you can see , it was quite warm . In local terms - it was a staggering hot . The temperature was in the high of 14 degrees on the celcius ( 57 on the Fareinheit scale ) Lot of people went to the beach to cool off a little and going in the Atlantic Ocean . And as you can see , there where a lot of people at the beach , and enjoying the sun and the coolness of the Atlantic Ocean


  1. Very funny, 14C and that is a 'Heat Wave'! Here in Japan, Aichi, south of Tokyo, the temperature is a little lower than usual at about 29C and we can expect it to reach 34C by late summer with horrid high humidity. I'm from England and I can tell you, for me, It is on my upper limit. I would love to experience Iceland one day. It looks a beautiful place and your website has opened my eyes to that fact with your wonderful photos and videos covering daily life in your nation. Stay proud and keep those evil bankers under check. All the best Mike ;-)