Thursday, May 17, 2012

Former CEO of Iceland Bank convicted and fined - photos and video

Mr. Sigurður Einarsson,former CEO of Kaupthing bank was convicted in an Icelandic court yesterday and fined to pay back to Kaupthing ( arion bank ) 500 million kronas.
He had gotten loans from Kaupthing,to buy stocks in Kaupthing.
The stocks where used as sequrity for the loans.
Many others got similar loans ,so what will happen now is not known.

 Other news
 For many - summer starts when the football season is over ,for others it is when school is over ,but here in Iceland , in my opinion, ,it starts when the first cruise liner arrives in Reykjavik.
And this morning at 8 o´clock,the first cruise liner arrived,so , summer has arrived.
And as you can see on the photos and video - the weather was not to bad - calm and warm.

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