Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Iceland under the power of women ---- men cant do their job

The banking crisis and its aftermath,was the responsability of men in Iceland .
No woman took part in the banking game , that made the people of Iceland suffer ,and many are still suffering.
But now, we have a woman Prime minister ,a woman president of the Icelandic Parliament, a woman CEO of Glitnir bank,and today a woman was elected as the Bishop of the state chirch in Iceland.
And next june, the will be a presidential election , and there will probably be a woman elected next President of Icelnad .
So you see, if men make big mistakes, like a little banking crisis here in Iceland in 2008 --- then we let the women fix it .
And here is a bonus - here is a video i took in 2010 - when the little volcano , before the big one - i flew over the volcano .

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