Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New years fireworks in Iceland - video and photos

No,this is not a video of a bad day in Texas ,this how Icelanders celebrate New Year .
Everybody buys fireworks ,and in a great Unorginized fashion,we go out just before midnight and fire up the fireworks.
Does not matter is you have had a few Beers or something stronger,does not matter.
First familys eat dinner together,then everybody in Iceland ,yes ,everybody,watches a tv show , that has been on between 22:30 to 23:30 ,where they make fun of what has happened this year.
And then after the tv show ---- we all go out , with our glasses and/or our bottles,fireworks , and start shooting up.

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  1. Beautiful :) Very wise doing it in the snow, here in New Zealand Guy Fawkes day (Nov 5) is really too dry and warm, and fireworks are lit at vaguely random times during and after the 5th (and afterwards). This new years there was quite a few going off though - perhaps your traditions are spreading ;)