Thursday, December 15, 2011

Protest in Iceland , and short days ,video

Now is the season of short day here in Iceland .
It gets colder and the snow makes arrives.
Last saturday there was a small protest meeting in front of the Parliament building,and also some live music.
The weather was very cold,freezing at around minus 10 on the celcius,and windy.
Banks are still writing off big debts ,that big companys had,but the public must pay all.
The public gets little help from the banks and/or goverment.
Many have moved to other countries to get a better life.

Looks like it does not matter what political party you vote for ,the never keep their campaign promises.
It is very difficult to respect members of parliament here in Iceland .
Many members of parlament have got the bubble loans written off and dont have to pay anything,and at the same time ,many voters are loosing their houses.

Here you can see a video from the protest and also a video of how the sunset is in Iceland at around 15:00 hours

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