Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Reykjavik in Iceland - President listens to the people - video

On last wednesday  , ( november 9 )there was a grasroot meeting in Reykjavik.
There people where talking about uniting all the small groups that have been protesting and criticising the the Banking crash and the goverment .
People held speaches,and discussed the situation .
More meetings will be held about this matter.

A member of the Occupy Reykjavik movement held a speach,and he is from the US ,so the speach is of course in english.
You can see and hear his speach on one of the videos.

But to everyones surprice , the President of Iceland and his Wife came and listened to the people and talked to them also .
They where at the meeting for about two hours.
During the break in the meeting , the President and his wife enjoyed coffie and cakes,and talked to the people about what is happening in Iceland , and listened to their stories.
And as always ,as you can see when the enter the meeting,the did not need any sequrity.
It is good to see the President come and listen to the people in Iceland .

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