Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Culture festival next saturday in Reykjavik ,Iceland - video

Next saturday ( august 20) ,there will be the annual culture night in Reykjavik.
That means that there will a festival in Reykjavik all day and all night.
Lots of music and festivities.
And in the evening there will be music festival with great Music.
Reykjavik sister town - Seatlle in the USA , will be celebrating their 25 anniversary.
So there will be lots of artists and native Americans from Seattle in Reykjavik.
And in the evening , White Sox- all star band will play .
Here is a video i took in 2009 ,and a video of the band White Sox all star band

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  1. Dori,
    You don't write as much in your blog about the economy of Iceland as you did last year. Is the Iceland economy better? Are people still losing their jobs and homes and moving to the mainland?
    Bob in Manassas, Virginia USA