Thursday, December 3, 2009

Banks win in courts in Iceland today

Reykjavik county judge sentenced a man to pay his, currency loans, to a finance company .
The man claimed that it is illeagal to loan money in Iceland , and base the payments interests rates on foreign currency.
And that is illeagal in Iceland.
But since the man new about the interests rates where based on foreing currency , he lost the case.
Blog pages in Iceland are now angry claiming , that the goverment is protecting their men in the banks.

It will be interesting to see , if this case will be appealed to the Supreme court.
All judges in Iceland are hired by one man , and that is the justice minister.
There is a committie , that goes over those that aplie for the job, but the minister, does not have to follow their ruling on who is the best judge for the job.
So all judges in Iceland are politically hired by the JUstice Minister.

And today ,16.007 people are unemployed in Iceland .

Below you can the Icelandic prime minister walkin in support of stopping violence against women.

This i took on November 26 - 2009 -

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