Thursday, October 29, 2009

People in trouble in Iceland , and children got big loans

Looks like that every politician here in Iceland is thinking only about themselves.
The old pensioners are getting less pension, taxes will be raised, the disabled gett less money .
But money to the politicians and poltical parties from the parliement are not going down.
They still get all there wages, and everythinhg that goes with it.

Before the elections last april ,everybody running for parliement ,where promising to help the public and all.
But after the election , the all forgot their promises .
And since then ,people have been moving to other countries.
Family help independent service, i helping familys to get food and other things.

Looks like nobody will be held responsable for the corruption here in Iceland .
They are all going to help eachother ,those that are in power and the banking community .

Children got big loans

Islandsbanki - the new bank ,that was formerly known as - Glitnir, gave 10 children illeagal loans to buy stock in BYR a financial bank , before the banking crash last year.
The childrens parents demanded the loans , but there was no permission for this by the Sheriff, so it was illeagal.
Today Islandsbanki wrote these loans off , and apologized for this.

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